Future Truck Drivers of America LLC

Learn To Drive A Truck

Future Truck Drivers of America LLC is one of the leading driving schools in Memphis, TN, offering driving lessons to aspiring truck drivers. We help you learn to drive a truck effortless with a Class-A, CDL License. We have 31 years of experience in the driving industry. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

About Our Classes

Future Truck Drivers of America LLC offers a three-week course that helps you become a licensed truck driver. We offer 160 hours of class spanned over a period of three weeks. The classes not only enlighten you about theoretical subjects like paperwork, map reading and procedures but also offers practical lessons like range training. Our course fee is $6500.

Future Truck Drivers of America LLC

Additional Expenses

  • USDOT Medical Exam/Physical & Drug Screen. Cost $106.00
  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) 7 years if necessary. Cost $ 5.00
  • A student must have class A CDL Permit upon arriving at school.
  • Class A CDL License obtained at the DMV after passing the CDL exam. Cost $70.00
  • Daily food expenses (we have vending machines and a refrigerator for students to use if they choose to bring their lunch with them)

Note: All incoming students must pass the required USDOT drug screen and should have a USDOT Medical Card. If you haven’t been tested, we will be happy to help you find a testing center near you.